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Oct 21, 2013 - Timneh African Grey Parrots. See more ideas about Timneh african grey, African grey parrot and African. ABOUT US African Parrot is your guide to adopt this wonderful pet bird. Everything you need to know health diet nutrition, cage size, and toys, breeding, talking parrot, Parrot Flight Training.

The Timneh is the smaller of the two African Grey subspecies. The length of a Timneh is 9 to 11 inches with a weight between 250 to 375 grams. These birds can live for 30 to 50 years. The tail of the Timneh is described as maroon. It's feathers are described as a darker grey compared to the Congo African Grey. These hybrids are smaller in size than the Congo African Grey with the darker grey plumage of the Timneh. African Grey Races / Subspecies. Congo African Grey Parrot or CAG Psittacus erithacus erithacus - Linnaeus, 1758 - nominate; Sierra Leone Grey Parrot / Timneh African Grey Parrot, or TAG Psittacus timneh, previously Psittacus erithacus.

African grey parrots are of two types, In this post, I will tell you their differences and then you can decide which type is good for you. African grey parrot types. 1-Congo African grey parrot. 2-Timneh African grey. Difference between Congo and Timneh African grey parrots. Congo and Timneh are two types of African grey parrots. Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the world, containing over &1 million records about 10,000 species and 22,000 subspecies of birds, including distribution information for 12,000 regions, taxonomy, synonyms in several languages and more. The African Grey Parrot The most intelligent and talkative pet bird. The African Grey Parrot is probably the most popular pet bird and is known to be the most intelligent and the most talkative of the parrot family. African Greys are excellent companions and will keep you on your toes. Timneh African Grey parrots can be loud but not as loud as their cousins the Conures or the Amazons. Some owners can even get away with owning a Timneh African Grey in an apartment setting. These birds should be expected to vocalize during the early morning, noon, and before sunset.

If you're interested in a pet bird who has a combination of smarts and lively temperament, then an African grey parrot Psittacus erithacus might just be right up your avian alley. African grey parrots are highly adept at copying the sounds they hear, whether human voices or random household noises. They're a. Congo African Grey vs. Timneh African Grey. Both Congo and Timneh African greys have the intellectual capacity of a 5-year-old child and the emotional level of a perpetual 2 year old. Timneh African greys are known to have a more stable personality than their larger cousins, because they have a faster maturation rate.

The Timneh parrot Psittacus timneh, also known as the Timneh grey parrot or Timneh African grey parrot, is a West African parrot that is variously considered a of the grey parrot Psittacus erithacus timneh, or a full species Psittacus timneh. In aviculture, it is often referred to by the initials tag and is commonly kept as a. Life with an African Grey is a long-term commitment, as these amazing birds live for approximately 50 – 60 years. Learn more about caring for companion Greys from the World Parrot Trust encyclopedia or from any of our free parrot owner resources below. Timneh African Grey Parrots are a small-medium sized parrot, noticeably, but not significantly, smaller than Congo African Greys. They are a mottled grey, with a dark maroon tail. They have a hooked beak that is mainly dark grey with a tan patch on top.They eat nuts, seeds, berries, fruit, vegetation, and sprouts.They are social birds, but tend. The Congo African grey is the largest of the African grey parrots, sporting a lighter gray color in its plumage, and a solid black beak. The second most common type is the Timneh African grey, which was recognized as a species in and of itself in 2012. The Timneh African grey is slightly smaller than the Congo, and its feathers are darker in color.

  1. The African Grey Timneh Parrot Psittacus erithacus timneh has all the great attributes of these popular birds. Though the Timneh is a less common subspecies than the African Grey Congo, it's a very intelligent and clever bird. African Greys are known to be the best talkers in the bird world.
  2. The Timneh pronunciation: tim-nuh African grey parrot, found in West Africa, is part of the genus given the moniker, ‘the Einstein’s of the bird world,’ and by no means is the epithet a stretch. It is rapidly catching up with the Congo African grey in terms of popularity for adoption as pets, and with good [].
  3. The Timneh parrot Psittacus timneh, also known as the Timneh grey parrot or Timneh African grey parrot, is a West African parrot. Formerly classified as a subspecies of the grey parrot Psittacus erithacus timneh, it is now considered a full species Psittacus timneh.
  4. Description. The Timneh African Grey Parrot is the smaller of the African Grey Parrot species at approximately 10 inches 26 cm in length and weighing approximately 10.5 ounces 300 g.Timneh African Grey Parrots are a dark charcoal gray with a pinkish or horn-colored upper mandible beak and a dark maroon colored tail.

Timneh Parrot 28-39 cm. Mottled grey, medium-sized parrot, with a large bill with a pale, horn-coloured area to part of the upper mandible, and white mask enclosing a yellow eye; tail dark ma. African Grey Parrot information and guide - diet, nutrition, toys, behavior, cage size, health, illness, body language, facts. Congo, Timneh. Timneh African Grey August 14, 2016 · Every TAG owner can agree that TAG'S either have "bad days" where they never want to be picked up and have a bad attitude all day long or cuddle days where they demand attention and kisses.

  1. Species Care. Captive Status: Heavily imported with high mortality. Is taken for markets locally and the middle and far east. From 1994-2003 over 359,000 individuals erithacus and timneh combined were traded on the international market.
  2. Timneh African Grey Parrots for Sale All Timneh African Grey Parrots are extremely intelligent. They will watch, and observe everything in the house they live in. African greys are also known to be mischievous, a quality some pet birds use to play pranks on their owners.
  3. 03/03/2013 · 114 videos Play all Einstein's Collection of "short but sweet" videos Einstein Parrot Amazing African Grey - Timneh "Max", part1 - Duration: 3:29. yachtPatronice 3,558 views.
  4. I think one thing that amazes most people about african greys is they can mimic and sound just like a certain voice. I have heard some sound like women and men, some can sound like an old mans voice. Greys are one of the best mimics around. Most greys take some time to develop their talents, some taking a couple years to really get going with.

Description The Timneh African Grey Parrot is the smaller of the African Grey Parrot species at approximately 10 inches 26 cm in length and weighing approximately 10.5 ounces 300 g.Timneh African Grey Parrots are a dark charcoal gray with a pinkish or horn-colored upper mandible beak and a dark maroon colored tail. Afro-Birds Farm, African Grey Parrots for sale. We offer Parrots to many families, Healthy male and female African grey parrots available for sale. Awesome companions and playmates. Home raised, not captive bred. Vaccinated, tamed.

African Grey Timneh Parrot. Love 4 Parrots, PA We Ship. This beautiful widdle baby Timneh Grey is available. Loves to dance and listen to music, enjoys taking warm showers and is a big time toy chewer.Description Baby African Grey Timneh Parrot For Sale. All of our baby African grey parrot available for sale come with an extensive health guarantee: We guarantee that the bird you are acquiring is free from any harmful diseases and does not have excessive amounts of any harmful bacteria.The African grey parrot is a highly intelligent bird, known for their incredible speaking ability, Congo African Grey Parrot, Congo African Grey Parrots.

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