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Sposta le tue applicazioni mainframe in una piattaforma cloud Agile per eseguirle in modo sicuro in tutto il mondo e ridurre i costi della tua infrastruttura. Massimizza il potenziale del tuo business con una strategia di migrazione di mainframe affidabile e scalabile. Home page. Lifeline Data Centers offers corportions with the opportunity to migrate mission critical mainframe platforms to the cloud with their newest offering, Mainframe in the Cloud. Moving your mainframe to Lifeline’s FedRAMP/HITRUST Cloud is seamless, secure and. 16/05/2019 · Swisscom has migrated its entire mainframe workload into the cloud. But it took a long time before Team Leader Werner Pfäffli could press the “off” button. A review of a historical project. Text: Nina Fehr, 16 may 2019 Werner Pfäffli remembers the old times well – even the systems that once.

Rebattoni Ibm: il cloud svecchia il mainframe, che resiste. Stefano Rebattoni general manager Global Technology Services di Ibm Italia spinge perchè i grandi clienti enterprise vivano la trasformazione cloud. Ma il mainframe resiste. "Siamo orchestratori delle tecnologie presso i clienti in ottica open". In questa prospettiva l'aggiornamento di IBM con i sistemi della famiglia Z15, accompagnati dalle nuove soluzioni di storage DS8900F, mostra come lo sviluppo di una infrastruttura cloud sempre più complessa non possa far perdere interesse, nel settore delle applicazioni mission critical, anche verso i sistemi mainframe. “E a conferma del suo rinnovato slancio, giungono anche le potenzialità del mainframe in ambito cloud computing, come ambienti di calcolo sicuri, potenti e sui quali “costruire” progetti di consolidamento, virtualizzazione, automazione dei data center, preludio di modelli operativi orientati all’It as-a-services”, conclude Chieregatti. Lo scopo dell’incontro? Affermare, attraverso la propria strategia “Mainframe 2.0, mainframe management strategy” che Ca Technologies è pronta con i propri strumenti di governance a sostenere le eventuali riproposte funzionali del mainframe come piattaforma di riferimento nel modello cloud.

01/06/2017 · Mainframe or Cloud: It Isn’t An All-or-Nothing Decision. Sometimes there is simply no substitute for a modern version of the original, which is inherently better and doesn’t need to be replaced, but rather simply requires sincere stewardship. Industry Perspectives Jun 01, 2017. 21/02/2014 · The cloud world inherited some concepts from the mainframe world that came before it. The consumption-based pricing model, Linux virtual machines, and multi-tenancy came from that previous mainframe generation. NASA got rid of its mainframes, but these massive machines can. 25/02/2015 · LAS VEGAS—IBM has announced new solutions that help enterprises take the power, performance and security of their mainframe systems to the cloud. At its IBM InterConnect 2015 conference here, IBM delivered new offerings that combine the power of the z13 mainframe—launched in January—with the. Mainframe tapeless backup and recovery offloaded to zIIPs, using open storage on-premise and in the cloud. Cut costs by 50% or more.

10/11/2019 · Since then, most every cloud vendor offered to deliver computing services and capabilities that have long been familiar to mainframe customers and users. The new z13 certainly isn’t the first IBM mainframe to be “cloud ready,” but it offers numerous features that are crucial to the success of every cloud-bound service provider and business. Cloud computing has become the default option for IT service provision be that off or on premise or via a hybrid model. Against this backdrop the words ‘mainframe’, ‘cloud’ and ‘agile’ may not often appear in a sentence together due to the popular perception that the Mainframe is not as agile as other architectures found in cloud. 17/01/2018 · Avoiding the cloud. The demise of the mainframe has been predicted on many occasions and the footprint of these machines will continue to shrink, says Craig Lowery, research director at Gartner. According to Lowery, there is no technical reason why a bank wouldn't be able to achieve the mainframe's guaranteed performance in the cloud. He says. Think this is really comparing apples and oranges. A cloud can be created from a variety of computer platforms. A mainframe can essentially be a cloud in a box. They can be heavily virtualised and allow users to scale on-demand. With advances su. Mainframe to Azure Cloud migration Technology is evolving quickly and is essential for organizations to gain marketshare and improve efficiency. Cloud technology is instrumental and is seen as a multifaceted ecosystem enabling the interconnectivity of a great number of devices through a.

For many large and well tenured enterprises, the mainframe is often cited as a central point of gravity that stalls or elongates a large cloud migration. Many enterprises feel that they have few people who have the domain and technology expertise to execute a mainframe migration, and those who are still working on the mainframe []. Bring your mainframe applications to an agile cloud platform to run them securely around the world and reduce your infrastructure costs. Maximize your business potential with a reliable and scalable mainframe migration strategy. 11/07/2013 · It makes sense to develop your cloud computing platform on an industrial strength, scalable, secure foundation – the system z modern mainframe. Nine Advantages to Using Mainframe for Cloud Computing. The mainframe offers many advantages for cloud computing. Below are nine advantages that you should consider. 14/03/2014 · As cloud computing becomes more important to organizations of all sizes, does this mean that the venerable mainframe is on its deathbed? Some suppliers, such as ASG Software Solutions and IBM, think that cloud computing will power the next 50 years of mainframe use. 19/07/2017 · The journey from mainframe to cloud in a changing IT landscape In an interview with Information Age, Jeff vonDeylen - CEO of Ensono - discusses how the IT infrastructure landscape has changed and why businesses are moving to the cloud.

Mainframe e cloud fino a qualche tempo fa sembravano non lasciare alternative. La soluzione più economica e vincente, invece, è sul piatto d’argento dell’As a Service: si chiama hybrid cloud. Mainframe e cloud fino a qualche tempo fa sembravano non lasciare alternative. Cloud infrastructure can also do these things today despite the fact that the CPU architecture that powers the cloud, x86, was born chiefly as the basis for building personal computers, not enterprise cloud servers. And it seems a safe bet that most workloads running in the cloud. The cloud has become the go-to technology in this era.This article explains how to migrate your mainframe to the cloud, the challenges and how to mitigate them. This blog explores the hitherto disconnected entities of Cloud and Mainframe and asks whether the time is now for mainframe redeployment into the cloud. A Cloudy Outlook. Cloud is an accepted part of mainstream enterprise computing and offers a variety of benefits across hardware utilization, power costs, people costs, capex costs and flexibility. Why IBM z System Mainframe Cloud Storage Is No Longer An Oxymoron Dragon Slayer Consulting • 2016 5 archiving data, providing disaster recovery services and processing other tape-based batch operations, are relatively slow on tape drives or ATLs, as compared to primary disk storage.

This week marks the 50th birthday of the venerable mainframe, a milestone that many thought the computing platform would never reach. In a world where nimble new technology innovations appear almost daily, it would seem like the big, bulky mainframe wouldn’t be able to keep up. The mainframe is not nearly as trendy as today’s.

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