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27/02/2018 · Comparing the 300 win to 30 Nosler. Yes I know its not the 28 Nosler you are asking about. BUT it does serve the propose of seeing what the 300 win mag can do with the 215 berger. 25/01/2016 · The propellant capacity and hence velocity potential of the.28 Nosler is very close to that of the 7 mm STW May 2013, p. 84, but not all actions can handle the STW, while the.28 will work in any action with a magazine long enough for the 7 mm Rem. Mag. or.300 Win. Mag. The 300 Win Mag’s short case neck is not detrimental to accuracy, and it is actually capable of near bench-rest like groups with the proper load in a high quality rifle. If deformation of the lead nose in the magazine box is a problem, our 180 grain Protected Point Partition or AccuBond bullets are good options.

02/01/2016 · The 28 Nosler has more than surpassed our expectations. Red Rock Precision - 28 Nosler Long Range Rifle Red Rock Precision. Loading. 300 Win Mag VS 30 Nosler ShootOut - Duration: 16:39. Long Range Only 128,231 views. 16:39. I have a 28 nosler that was built by West Texas Ordnance. Its in a Manners T4A stock, Bartlein 1-8 twist, 30 inch heavy varmint, shootin g195gr Bergers. ive recently shot it out to 2000 yards at Triple C here in Texas. i believe my personal opinion looking at photos of a 7-300 win mag, and my 28 nosler bullets, the 28 is just a production wildcat. 25/09/2016 · 28 nosler and 300wsm Adam Dlugosz. Loading. Unsubscribe from Adam Dlugosz?. 300 Win Mag VS 30 Nosler ShootOut - Duration: 16:39. Long Range Only 110,890 views. 28. Skin and Process a Deer in 10 Minutes Without Gutting It - Duration: 12:18. 24/07/2017 · The average hovering between 33 and 35 pounds. The 300 Win Mag is right around where you put it but it can also safely climb to 30 and 31 pounds of recoil. Your view of the 30 Nosler is correct, although it is definitely a superb cartridge, time will tell if it will take off as well as the others.

7mm STW and 28 Nosler are awful close. Talked to McWhorter last week and he said they still build quite a few STWs, prob 2 of 5 of their customs are STWs. The 7mm Remington Ultra Mag uses a larger capacity case and, loaded to the same MAP, has the potential to outperform the.28 Nosler, although not by a lot. Like the 7mm STW and 7mm RUM, the.28 Nosler is seriously over-bore. With full power factory loads or. I had two 7RM 700 BDLs converted to 26 Nosler, one for me, one for my hunting bud. The fat, Nosler round would not pass thru the action rails on either 700, but would easily pass thru the rail of. 30 Nosler vs. 300 Win Mag. The 30 Nosler blows past the highly regarded 300 Winchester Magnum—eclipsing the round in all three testing categories. And because the 30 Nosler has a belt-less case, it’s more accurate and makes for easier reloading. Compare these rounds in the charts below. 03/05/2017 · The 30 Nosler cartridge delivers better ballistics than the.300 Win. Mag. out of an unbelted case, and fits into.30-’06 Sprg.-length actions. The Nosler Model 48 Heritage shown here is topped with a Leupold VX-6 2-12X 42 mm riflescope. More than one human has observed that the.

16/09/2015 · That’s right. The.28 Nosler has the same 3.340-inch maximum cartridge overall length as the.30-06, yet it generates the same muzzle velocities as the 7mm RUM. Both the.28 Nosler and 7mm RUM are rated at 65,000 psi maximum pressure, same as the.22-250 Rem. and.300 Win. Mag. 01/11/2012 · Nice!!! I really like the idea of the 7-300 mag for that reason as well. The case is short enough to be able seat bullets out and still hit the lands and function in the mag, something the full length mags cannot do without a mag box extension. 21/01/2015 · A: When zeroed at 200 yds, the 28 Nosler is 14.8" low at 400 yds vs the 300 Win Mag is 15.5" low.7" difference. That's closer to a half inch difference than a full inch difference. Keeping my 300 Win Mag, just sayin'. Now back to that 35 Nosler. 21/01/2015 · The 28 nosler will fit in their 300 WIN MAG max length Model 48. Additionally the 28 will replicate 7mm rum performance from the same length barrels. So it is more efficient. Additionally if anyone has a 7mm rem mag, 338 win mag, 458 mag etc it can be re-barreled easily. Build the perfect load has long been the motto of handloaders loyal to Nosler brand bullets–and was the sole reason we developed Nosler® cartridge brass. Introduced in 2005, the Nosler cartridge brass line is ready to load. Manufactured with the traditional Nosler philosophy of uncompromising attention to detail, Nosler® cartridge brass is.

17/03/2015 · The 28 nosler will fit in their 300 WIN MAG max length Model 48. Additionally the 28 will replicate 7mm rum performance from the same length barrels. YUP any 7mm mag 300 win 338 etc can be re barreled. Just hope they actually have rifles in 28 Nosler to buy as opposed to the invisible 26 Nosler! Kent. Top. Page 1 of 1. 02/02/2016 · 280 Ackley Improved versus 28 Nosler. Registered Users do not see the above ad..280 is 475yds on a caribou but most shots are under 150 yds and with the Barnes copper bullets the.260 kills like a.300 Win Mag, maybe better in a lot of cases. Long live the 28 Nosler. Nosler cartridge brass line is ready to load. Manufactured with the traditional Nosler philosophy of uncompromising attention to detail, Nosler cartridge brass is created to exact dimensional standards and tolerances, using quality materials for maximum accuracy.

Here are some measurements and comments about the 300 Win vs the 30 Nos. I did some bench comparisons of the two. I took rough measurements of both the 300 Win Mag and the 30 Nosler with the very popular 215 Berger hybrid. Both cases were new unfired. For the 300 win the only new []. 25/02/2016 · 28 Nosler or 300 RUM? 28 nosler - im worried it wont catch on and would be a tough sell someday when Im gone 300 RUM - gets beat at 6-700 yards by.284 BC's, but has a better following. Brass buying sucks for both. Both cost a lot to shoot and reload. So I am looking for something to push me one way or another. 28 Nosler or 300 RUM?

Easier to run the bolt, smaller rifle, and smaller ammo to carry! Also, you can just swap the barrel and have a 26 Nosler, 28 Nosler, or 33 Nosler! If you also change the magazine, you can shoot a 300 Win Mag too if you like! Same bolt, same receiver = big deal in my book. 300 Norma Mag, 338 Lapua Mag, and 30 Nosler Velocity Chart. 08/09/2006 · At the range last week a couple guys had matching senderos in 3win mag. They where pulling off some very nice groups with 180 grain ballistic tips and a stiff load of h4831. I have a CDL in 3Win mag, and really like it. A pound lighter than the Sendero, if you like walnut and blueing. I will always have a 300 Win mag, I'm on my 3rd now. 27/01/2015 · I tend to agree that Nosler's new cartridge might not be successful. And I do agree that the 7MM Rem Mag would have been even better if it didn't have a belt. I do think that the 7MM Rem Mag,.300 Win Mag, &.338 Win Mag will be around for a long, long time. That's because they work, and hunters know what works. I'm good with pushing the envelop. 26/05/2018 · Thank you, Broz, for the well done video and this thread on the 30 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag. This just demonstrates once again how much most of Nosler's claims are just blue sky marketing hype BS. This goes for the overstated ballistic coeficients claimed for most all their bullets to the fantastic ballistics claims for their "new" cartridges.

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